The Best Happy Hours In Austin

Our favorite Happy Hours that involve both food and drink.

Every single weekday there comes a moment when you’ve either finished all your to-dos or read the entire internet. When that time arrives, you deserve to get yourself to the nearest establishment serving drinks priced at what you actually deserve to pay for them. And while alcohol is always good, the superior Happy Hour involves deals on both good drinks and good food. Luckily, Austin has many of them. This is our guide to the best Happy Hours in town that’ll get you through the work week (and sometimes even the weekend).

The Happy Hour Spots

Jack Allen’s Kitchen imageoverride image

Jack Allen's Kitchen

When: Weekdays 3-6:30pm

The Deal: Half off all appetizers; $1 off all drinks

There are three locations of Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Austin (and also one in Round Rock and one in Cedar Park), and they all do half off appetizers during Happy Hour, which is a very good deal. Whether it’s a late lunch or early dinner, you can make a very solid full meal out of appetizers like smashed guacamole, chicken nachitos, and smoked barbacoa quesadillas.

When: Tue-Sat 5-6:30pm

The Deal: Half off wine by the glass and Austin beers; $8 cheeseburger; $6 zeppole; $4 onion rings and popovers

During dinner at Foreign & Domestic, a burger and fries is $18, but the Happy Hour burger is only $8. Math is hard, but that’s basically $10 for French fries, which means you can and should spend that $10 you just saved by ordering zeppole and onion rings instead, and still somehow come out ahead. Also on Tuesdays, Foreign & Domestic does $1 oysters and 50% off chilled wine all night. The oysters tend to sell out, so you can reserve up to six oysters per guest on a reservation.

When: Mon-Sat, 5-7pm

The Deal: All food items from the bar & lounge menu are $10

Vince Young Steakhouse might not offer much in the way of daily cheap drinks, but their Happy Hour food discounts alone are worth a visit. Grab a seat at the bar and enjoy everything from fried calamari and crab cakes, to wagyu brisket burgers and steak frites, all for just $10. Most of these items typically come in around $20-30, making this one of the best Happy Hour food deals in town—if it were any cheaper, we’d be worried. 

When: Wed-Sun 5-6pm

The Deal: Half off bottles of wine under $80 (outside only); discounted beer and cocktails; $5 house-made pullman bread and $10 fennel-cured butternut squash

Lenoir’s awesome backyard wine bar - with the Live Oaks and twinkly lights - is a special place to hang out with your friends. Friends are cool and all, but the real reason you bring people here during Happy Hour is so that you can order whole bottles of wine for half off.

When: Sun + Tues-Fri 3-6pm

The Deal: $6 cheeseburgers, $6 sangrias, $2.50 High Life, $3 St. Elmo Kölsch

Based on how busy Better Half is during the day, you’ll often wonder if people in Austin even have jobs. Maybe the draw is the nice backyard, or maybe it’s the $6 cheeseburgers during Happy Hour. Better Half also has a reverse Happy Hour with $6 draft cocktails 9pm-close, and $6 burgers 9-10pm 7 days a week. Also on Tuesdays, bottles of wine are half off.

When: Weekdays 2-5pm

The Deal: $5 boozy slushies; half off beer and wine; select menu items $7-8.5

The set-up at Loro is ideal for work Happy Hours, so snag a picnic table for your whole team and spend most of the time on a secret Slack channel furtively and furiously talking about Sharon’s double-dipping habit. It’s also the only time of day you can order certain menu items - like the $8.75 cheeseburger and chicken karaage - which makes all of the double-dipping bearable.

When: Weekdays 3-6pm

The Deal: $3 drafts, $4 well drinks, $5 wine and frozen cocktails, $6 snacks; free popcorn

Things we’re grateful for at a Happy Hour: enough seating for all of the coworkers/friends you actually like and free popcorn because snacks are what make us happiest. Order the wings and sit out in the patio to remind you that the sun still exists even if you don’t see it all day.

When: Daily (Wed-Sun), 4-5:30pm

The Deal: Half off all pizzas; $5 house wine and draft beers; half off all bottles of wine under $100

If it’s too early for dinner, grab a snack at Bufalina and order a bottle of wine normally reserved for a celebration - but for half off. And then promptly get some pizza afterward.

When: Daily 4-6pm

The Deal: 25% off all food; half off all sparkling wine; $2 off all other drinks

During June’s Happy Hour, everything on the menu - from fried chicken sandwiches to steak tartare - is 25% off. And the champagne is half off, which means you can have a proper toast to your new favorite Happy Hour in town. Sparkling wines are half off all night on Mondays, too.

When: All night Monday; Tuesday-Sunday 4:30-5:30pm

The Deal: 25% off select food; $2 off all drinks; only at the bar

Unless you’re really going all-out, dinner at Jeffrey’s is a little expensive for a casual weeknight. But their daily Happy Hour is a great time to grab a few drinks and discount food at the bar like crispy fried gulf oysters or the Wagyu cheeseburger, and see who goes out for $50 risotto on a Wednesday. There’s also 50% off bottles of wine every Sunday.

When: Daily 5-6pm

The Deal: Half-price large format beer and bottles of wine (under $100); $7 draft cocktails; $1 off all beer

Odd Duck has a nice patio, but the best place to sit is at the bar, during Happy Hour, with a $7 draft cocktail or some half-price wine. And lucky for you, the burger, which changes often, is now on the regular dinner menu.

When: Daily, 4-6:30pm

The Deal: $3-12 dishes; $4-18 sake, wine, and beer

Uchi is best known for their sushi, but what they should actually be best known for is their “sake social,” the daily Happy Hour during which you can sample excellent rolls and classic Uchi bites for a fraction of the price. If you haven’t been, you’re doing things all wrong. P.S. this happens at their sister restaurant Uchiko, too.

When: Daily, 3-5pm

The Deal: Weekdays: 50 cents off oysters; half off burgers and martinis; $5 oyster shooters. Weekends: 50 cents off oysters; half-price bottles of wine; $5 oyster shooters

We love oysters. You love oysters. But everyone loves them more when they’re not so expensive. You’ll go to Clark’s for their Happy Hour-priced oysters, but you’ll stay for the burger (half-off has never looked so good) and the patio.

When: Daily 3-6pm

The Deal: $4 beers; $5 sangría; $6-8 margaritas; discounted appetizers

El Alma is home to one of the best patios in Austin, and somehow not everyone has figured out about it yet. Sit on the double-level roof under an umbrella, enjoy your Happy Hour margaritas and guacamole, and feel pretty damn good about your decisions.

When: Weekdays 4-6pm; Sundays 11am-3pm

The Deal: Half off all alcoholic beverages during the week; half off signature cocktails during brunch

Austin has many, many margaritas. And La Condesa’s margarita is one of the best in town. During Happy Hour at the bar here, you can get it for half off.

When: Tues-Sat 5-6pm

The Deal: Half off cocktails, beer, wine by the glass, and select food items Wednesday: Half off oyster platters and bubbles all night

Hidden in the depths of Dirty Sixth, Parkside has a short but solid Happy Hour that includes apps, the oyster platter, and a cheeseburger. Here’s your strategy: get here when it starts, order two of everything, and you’ll be set for the evening.

When: Tues-Fri, 4-6pm

The Deal: $6 cocktails and bites

Kick off a night on the East Side at Licha’s with $6 margaritas and food. The only possible downside is that you just might end up sticking around all evening.

When: Mon-Fri, 3-6pm

The Deal: $5-10 select margaritas and cocktails, $7-10 select wine, $5-12 appetizers

El Chile is always an excellent decision for a group outing with super shareable dishes for Happy Hour like nachos or queso flameado. What you won’t need to share are the margaritas (because they’re bigger than your head).

When: Tuesday-Friday, 5-6pm

The Deal: Half off beer and cocktails

Dining on Olive & June’s patio almost feels like you’re eating in a tree house, with a three-story patio built around a giant 200-year-old oak tree near 35th and MoPac. And during their Happy Hour, beer and cocktails are half-price. And that just means you have more money left over to spend on their excellent pastas (try the bucatini).

When: Daily, 4-6pm and 9-10pm

The Deal: $5 burger; half-price Lone Stars; $5 cocktails

Lou’s almost feels like it’s a patio first, and a restaurant second. The food is mostly rotisserie-based, but they also sell tacos, sandwiches, and a really tasty burger. Every day from 4-6pm (and 9-10pm for you late eaters) you can get the burger for $5, as well as half-price Lone Stars and $5 cocktails. Also, wine is half off on Tuesdays.

When: Mon-Fri 3-6pm

The Deal: $2 off margaritas; $1 off chili con queso; $2 beers

We usually find ourselves at Guero’s when entertaining out-of-town guests, but they’ve been planted on South Congress for long enough to become an Austin postcard-establishment by now. It’s the perfect spot to sit on a patio and listen to live music with a Happy Hour margarita in hand (and queso in the other).

When: Mon-Fri 3-6pm

The Deal: $2 off aguas frescas, snacks, beer, wine, and margaritas

The South First location of Fresa’s has a great patio with beautiful trees providing shade, and a spread of brightly-colored picnic tables that will help you forget the boring beige walls of your living room. They also do Happy Hour prices all day, every day if you’re seated at the bar.

When: Daily 3-6:30pm

The Deal: $6 frozen and tap cocktails; $6 tap wine; $3 off appetizers; $1 off beer

At Hank’s during Happy Hour you can get all of their frozen and tap cocktails for just $6. The Happy Hour is available on their covered patio, their dining room, and importantly, for takeout via their drive-thru. We’ve been known to show up with a cooler full of ice so that we can take home frozen margaritas and palomas. Also on Tuesdays bottles of wine are half off.

When: Daily 5-6:30pm, patio only

The Deal: $7 draft cocktails and wine; $5 beers; $6 snacks; $4 tacos; $8 burger

Bar Peached is the bar-focused sister-restaurant of The Peached Tortilla, serving cocktails, tacos, and Asian-inspired comfort food. Their Happy Hour includes $6 snacks like edamame and Brussels sprouts as well as some heartier foods for $8 like a burger or spicy pork fries.

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Waterloo Ice House


When: Weekdays 3-7pm, all day Wednesday, 9pm-close

The Deal: $3 frozen or rocks margaritas; $2 off cocktails and appetizers; $1 off draft beer, wine, and Texas vodka

Waterloo Ice House has become a bit of an Austin name over the years, with a footprint extending back almost 45 years. There are four locations across Austin, so chances are you’re probably not too far from one now.

When: Daily 4-6pm

The Deal: $2 off all drinks; 25% off selected items

Josephine House is the slightly more casual sister-restaurant of Jeffrey’s, right in the heart of Clarksville, with a focus on seasonal, New American fare. The 25% off Happy Hour deal only applies to selected appetizers, but lucky for you, since it includes both their cheese and their charcuterie boards.

When: Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday 3-6pm

The Deal: 20% off everything

Sour Duck is the more casual, sister-restaurant of Odd Duck, so you can expect the same level of quality and expertise, with a bit more of a focus on baked goods. Where they differ from Odd Duck is in the size of their enormous patio. The Happy Hour here is a solid offering, with 20% off of everything.

When: Mondays 3pm-close, Tuesday-Friday 3-6:30pm

The Deal: $6.50 signature margaritas; $9 “fancy margs”; $5 apps

Maudie’s has become a bit of an Austin institution, starting as a cafe back in the 1950s before pivoting to Tex-Mex in the early ’90s. They have a solid Happy Hour that includes signature margaritas for $6.50 or “fancy margs” like a Mexican Martini for $9. There’s also a menu of small bites - like queso, mini tacos, and guac - for $5 each. There are five locations across Austin, so you’re never too far from some margs.

When: Wed-Fri 3-5pm

The Deal: $5 select apps, cocktails, and house wine; $2 off draught beer

Scholz Garten isn’t just the oldest bar in Austin, it’s the oldest operating business in Texas. Which means that they’ve had more time to perfect their menu of classic German offerings. The Happy Hour has apps for $5, so while it’s not exactly 1866 pricing, it’s close enough.

When: Mon-Thu 4-7pm

The Deal: $2 domestic bottles; $3 tallboys (including Lone Star); $3 well drinks

At the dive bar Lala’s Little Nugget, the halls have been decked with boughs of holly for decades - it’s been continually and epically decorated for Christmas since the 1970s. Their “Jolly Hour” includes $3 tallboys of Lone Star, which sort of makes every day a little like Christmas.

When: Mon-Fri 5-6pm

The Deal: Half off beers, cocktails, and wines by the glass; $5 off appetizers and burgers

Housed inside (you guessed it) a converted laundromat, Launderette is probably the most attractive restaurant on the East Side. Fortunately, Launderette isn’t just trying to get by on looks - the food here is actually good. And during Happy Hour, you can get $5 off appetizers and one of the best burgers in the city.

When: Mon-Fri 3-6pm

The Deal: $7 select food items; $7 select cocktails; $1 off beer

The all-day spot Kinda Tropical is part cafe and part bar, with good coffee, cocktails, and a menu that has, well, kind-of-tropical things. The Happy Hour here is a three hour affair, featuring a $7 cheeseburger, a $7 vegetarian-friendly pulled jackfruit sandwich, and $7 cocktails, which includes all their frozen drinks.

When: Mon-Fri 4:30-6pm

The Deal: Half off select food items, select sake and wine; $1 off central Texas beer

It’s worth pretending that you have a “dentist appointment” to hit up Lucky Robot’s Happy Hour, where you can get half off their contemporary sashimi, select kitchen menu items like dumplings and chicken karaage, as well as designated bottles of sake and wine. Going to the dentist never tasted so good.

When: Daily 4:30-6:30pm

The Deal: $2 off draft beer and craft cocktails, $6 rotating house wines ($24 bottles); discounted apps, $5 tacos, $7 fried chicken.

Every day during Happy Hour, Salty Sow knocks $2 off their drinks (including the house blood orange frozen margarita), but the star of this two-hour show is the honey rosemary dipped fried chicken that’ll turn first-timers into regulars. Enjoy it with some triple fried duck fat fries (then try saying it three times fast) or some chips and guac on their large patio right near Manor and I-35.

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Sway Thai


When: Daily 4-6pm

The Deal: Half off all cocktails, wine, beer, and sake

If you live anywhere in Austin, at some point you’ll find yourself in West Lake, probably for a doctor appointment. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to live there. Either way, for Happy Hour, it’s hard to beat Sway’s offering of half off all drinks.

When: Tues-Thurs 9pm-close

The Deal: Half-price pitchers; $5 burgers; $2 off pizza

Reverse Happy Hours are pretty rare in Austin, but lucky for you Central Machine Works on the East Side knows how to take care of the late night crowd, with half price pitchers and $5 burgers.

When: Tues-Sat 4-6pm

The Deal: Half off off all cocktails, beer, and wine by the glass or bottle

Il Brutto on East Sixth serves simple Italian food in a space that works great for everything from a double date to a birthday dinner (and there’s even a very nice patio shaded by an enormous oak tree). Another real draw here, however, is half off all drinks during Happy Hour.

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