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Eastside Pies

$$$$(512) 524-0933
Hours:TUESDAY11:00AM to 10:00PM

East Side Pies has some of the best pizza delivery and take-out service in Austin. Not only is the food awesome, but the experience is as good as it gets for to-go food. Most of the employees embody The Simpsons pizza delivery character archetype, and since we don’t have many Italians in Austin, slackers with a fascination for pizza dough are a close second for an authentic pizza experience.

The vast menu is overwhelming, and will force you to make hard decisions or come back another time to explore more. It’s broken down into pizza sauce categories: red, ricotta, black bean, hummus, spinach curry, extra virgin olive oil, chimichurri, tomatillo, and pesto. There is no sauce better than the rest - just go with your gut. Bonus: they also have great salads. We’ll take East Side Pies over just about any other food delivery, any day.

Food Rundown

Half Nelson

The combination of pesto sauce and jerk chicken is a home run in creativity and execution. The amount of flavor on this pizza should be illegal.

Moon Dingo Pie

Ricotta, feta, goat, fresh and whole mozzarella, gorgonzola, bacon, and mushrooms. All with ricotta sauce. This one will probably put you into a deep cheese coma. Do not even smell this if you consider yourself lactose intolerant.


Meatballs, habanero, red sauce, and red bell peppers. This is a south-of-the-border remix on a classic spicy meatball. Well worth the gout you will probably develop from devouring the entire box yourself.

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