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Contigo Austin

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Modeled after his family’s hunting ranch, Ben Edgerton opened Contigo in 2011 to bring some of South Texas to Austin. That means a menu full of things like rabbit & dumplings, Texas okra, local chickens, and a big indoor outdoor space connected by a barn door. Contigo is an awesome choice to come with a crew for an evening hang over drinks and shareable plates. It’s the kind of place you’ll only be able to find in Texas.

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Food Rundown

Crispy Green Beans

The best snack on the menu, by far. Contigo Austin makes super flavorful vegetables, and you should hit that part of the menu hard.

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Grilled Cheese

Nothing fancy here, but so satisfying. Contigo Austin makes its own bread, which makes this grilled cheese especially worthy of an order.

Rabbit & Dumplings

Probably the best thing you can order at Contigo. It’s an awesome stew, with really tender rabbit and biscuits on top. Don’t miss this.

Contigo Austin review image

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