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It’s hard to please new and old-guard Austin in the same restaurant. How do you make something shiny and cool enough for visitors and transplants, yet authentically Austin enough for people who have lived here their whole lives?

It’s not an easy feat, but Dai Due seems to have figured it out. This is an authentically Texas restaurant, for a modern Austin audience.

Dai Due is a butcher shop and cafe by day, and a “Supper Club” (the much cooler term for “Restaurant”) by night, where they offer a highly meat-centric menu as well as nightly rotating specials (like fried chicken on Sundays and seafood on Fridays). The concept of the place can be summed up with the one-liner stated prominently on the menu: “Everything’s from around here.” Dai Due sources all of its ingredients (even the wine - which is maybe the only thing we don’t like about the place) from Texas, and every single item on the menu is house-made. The focus of the restaurant, and what Dai Due does best, is excellent, Texas-bred meats: the juiciest pork chop we’ve ever eaten, a ridiculously huge beef rib, actually-memorable roast chicken. There are other things (very good sides, a few starters), but, like any good old Texas restaurant, this is not a happy place for vegetarians.

As is the case with many new Austin spots, Dai Due is located in a weird strip mall development - from the outside, you might think it was an overpriced boutique grocery store. But head inside past the butcher counter and you’ll immediately get it. Dai Due is stylish – cobalt blue leather booths and rustic wood tables and expensive-looking light fixtures – but retains that warm, welcoming, inherently Texas feeling: you can smell the meats cooking on big open flames, the staff seems genuinely happy to be there, and after we mentioned we had had trouble finding parking, our hostess even asked us if she could run out into the parking lot to stand in an empty space to hold it for us.

Dai Due is a new Austin restaurant that gets it right. Whether you’re here for a bachelor party, you just moved from San Francisco, or you’ve been here since way before Austin was cool, this place is worth your time.

Food Rundown

Beef Rib

If you enjoy feeling like a caveman, you should order this hilariously large beef rib. It spans the width of an entire two-top, and feels like something you should be eating whilst wearing a loin cloth.

Pork Chop

We’re not usually ones to order a pork chop over other meats on a menu. But to overlook the one at Dai Due would be a mistake. This thing is incredibly flavorful, incredibly juicy, and without a doubt one of the best things here.

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Roast Chicken

It takes a lot for a roast chicken to be exciting. This one is. If you’re not dead set on red meat, you can feel extremely confident in your choice to order this.

Dai Due review image

Green Beans

You’re going to need something to balance out all the meat, and the green beans are an excellent choice. Because bacon.

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The selection changes seasonally, but this is one of the biggest highlights of a meal here. We recently had a corn and blueberry crumble topped with goat cheese ice cream that has haunted us ever since.

Pastrami Sandwich

If you want to try Dai Due, but aren’t ready to commit to a full-on dinner, we’d highly recommend you come for breakfast or lunch. If you’re here for the latter, the pastrami sandwich should be in your order. Flavorful, moist, with a beet jam that gives it a little something different - it’s truly great.

Dai Due review image

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