The Daily

The Daily is that rare coffee shop that supports all our needs—it’s comforting, satisfying, down to earth, wholesome, but also spontaneous and playful. We see potential for long-term commitment. Along with fresh-pressed juices and smoothies, they offer all the traditional coffee selections, plus fun seasonal options like Lavender White Chocolate Latte or Maple Pecan Cold Brew, which is a bit like autumn in these parts—fallish in flavor but since it’s still hot as hell outside, we need it ice cold. Their food menu—from salads to wraps—also revolves around what’s in season and comes from local vendors. Bring your laptop and grab a table next to the bright, joyful mural in the back room. After a few happy Zoom calls, you'll want to ask the staff for your own set of keys, so you can make it your permanent workspace. 

The Daily review image

photo credit: Amy Sinclair