Perfect For: Dinner with the Parents

  1. Upland NYC


    Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    Universally appealing, consistently excellent, and our current favorite place in all of NYC. Upland is not only the best new restaurant that opened in 2014, it's the best new restaurant to open in a really long time.

  2. Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    An absolute classic. It hardly gets better than L'Artusi, and that's been the case for a long time.

  3. perla interior 1


    Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    We are officially obsessed with Gabe Stuhlman and some guy from Eataly’s new restaurant Perla, and are probably about to set unreasonably high expectations for your first meal there. You’re welcome.

  4. Il Buco

    Il Buco

    Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    Il Buco is still one of the most special restaurants we've got in NYC, and we'd like to remind you of that.

  5. Marea


    Marea is one of those restaurants, like Eleven Madison Park, you walk into knowing damn well it’s going to be incredible. It’s also good to know this: Marea is a Quality Fish restaurant first, Italian restaurant second.

  6. Most everything on the menu at Charlie Bird is fantastic. But what’s really got our attention are two things that these people already do better than almost anyone else: service and wine.

  7. Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    Pretend it's 2004 and get excited about Mas (farmhouse) again. A decade later, this is still one of the best fine dining experiences in New York City.