Cuisines: Sandwiches

  1. Lamazou


    One of the best places to grab a sandwich in Murray Hill. The lines can be long during weekday lunch, but the wait is entirely worthwhile.

  2. Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    Do you want to trek it all the way to 10th Avenue and pay $14 to eat at Rocket Pig? The answer is absolutely yes. This really is one of the best sandwiches in town.

  3. Katz’s Deli isn’t just a Classic NYC Establishment, it’s a landmark that deserves government funding at this point.

  4. Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    Are Black Seed Bagels the best bagels in New York City? Is there even such a thing? Can't we just eat them?

  5. Parm


    Photo Credit: Ryan Muir

    Checking back in on Parm, now that the hype has died down. Three years later, the sandwiches are still excellent, and the novelty still makes up for the rest.

  6. A restaurant on the Lower East Side operating with the sole purpose of turning out ridiculously good meatballs and presenting you a few options in which to consume them.

  7. Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    An updated review for one of the few restaurants in town that we frequent regularly. Jeffrey's is Perfect For pretty much everything.