There is a situation these days where restaurants specialize in one thing -and they are very, very good at it. Meatballs, ramen, my soon to be launched nacho chain “Nacho Problem”, etc. Terzo, one of our go-to Marina spots, is not one of those places. It is the restaurant utility player that can cover all the bases: dates, formerly estranged eccentric aunt in town, girls’ night out with barrels of wine, big group, small group, anything. Terzo is Buster Posey.

We went back recently for our tenth or fifteenth time in a while, and literally said, “I forgot how GOOD this place is.” The space is dark, illuminated with just the right amount of lighting, and has long, communal tables that are ideal for groups. Also, you’re essentially encircled in wine bottles on all sides, which is something like our personal fantasyland.

Terzo is owned by the same people who run Rose’s across the street - and it’s hard to believe the two are from the same braintrust, because the vibe, food and experience at Terzo is miles ahead of the sister spot. Just hope that you have literally any event to go out to dinner in the Cow Hollow area, because Terzo will probably be able to fill whatever void you have in your restaurant roster. Provided your team is very pro-wine and is OK sharing food.

Food Rundown


Two hefty meatballs in above average polenta with red sauce. Tender and tasty.

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If you can’t find za’atar in your local store, it’s because Terzo has it all. They douse the incredible pitas in the herb mix, slather them with olive oil and serve with hummus way better than it has any business being.

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Marinated Artichokes

This is described as “artichokes,” but it’s really three quarters of one artichoke. This is really a small salad of many things - blood oranges, piles of pine nuts, quality prosciutto, and a fractional artichoke. It’s excellent, though.

Grilled Calamari

Sometimes this comes with lentils, sometimes with white beans, and it is always good.

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Mozzarella di Bufala

Some of our favorite mozzarella around, made fancy with pine nuts and aged balsamic. Crazy creamy.

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Chicken Spiedini

Chicken skewers layers with toasted bread and onions. We usually get these for some extra protein, and the cilantro-y pesto is awesome.

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The pasta at Terzo is always a hit - great to share and a nicely al dente. We usually get at least one plate for the table, because...carbs.

Spicy Sausage

This is a fancy ballpark sausage, with sweet stewed peppers and onions. It’s spicy and delightful. They don’t give you a bun, but you can pretend it’s still summer and you’re at a game. And drinking wine instead of beer.

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