Sometimes after a hard day of labor at your MacBook Air, you just need a cold beer and some hearty food. And maybe a sporting event on the television. While there are plenty of places to watch sports and eat nachos and wings, there aren’t many places serving solid German food and beer along with the Giants game. That’s where Schroeder’s comes in.

This restaurant and bar in Financial District is an after-work hub, so expect most people to be in office attire. There are a few TVs behind the bar, and for big games they roll out some massive screens in the back room full of communal tables, so the whole gang can get involved in the sporting festivities. It’s an excellent place to watch football and wear your knitted Manchester United scarf as well. Does it matter that you’ve never set foot in Manchester? Apparently not.

After drinking a few German beers out of fancy steins, you'll probably want to feed yourself. The menu consists partially of traditional German food and partially of generic bar food, including sandwiches, schnitzel, and sausages. Schroeder’s strength is in the larger dishes. Their attempts at appeasing the masses with tots and wings are a little half-hearted, so skip them.

Schroeder’s is a spot for sitting back, hanging out, drinking beer, and getting some potatoes and meats in your body. It’ll be OK to go a day without kale. In fact, it’ll be pretty enjoyable.

Food Rundown

Kartoffel Tots

Your basic tots. These guys are light and always served very hot. Good to share, but they won’t change your life.


Very good and well-spiced. The lumpy, chunky glob of mashed potatoes that accompanies it tastes fine, but the visual makes it hard to eat more than a bite. Purely functional—pass on the potatoes.

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