Ok's Deli

Asian American sandwiches are the name of the game at Ok’s Deli—and why it’s one of the most exciting lunch spots in the area. The takeout-only Oakland sandwich shop has a rotating menu of things like Italian combos and roast turkey sandwiches alongside ones filled with egg salad and spam. You’ll audibly gasp when you open the box containing the stunning Sichuan-spiced fried chicken sandwich with its huge juicy thigh, and swath of sweet sesame-ginger vinaigrette and honey mustard. Their equally stunning (and delicious) Vietnamese bánh mì is loaded with caramelized house spam, jalapeños, cilantro, cucumbers, and pickled daikon and carrots on an airy baguette. Sandwiches aside, their shelves are stocked with every type of fizzy drink, citrus juice, and potato chip imaginable. So grab some sweet corn Turtle Chips and a calamansi soda, and relish in the fact that you’ve made a very good midday decision.