La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita makes great sandwiches, the kind whose memory tickles your brain whenever the lunch hour nears, and also, by some strange force of magic, whispers, “Hey, you, remember that bomb ass sandwich you had last week? Go and reunite.” The keys to greatness for the sandwiches from this Italian bakery in Oakland Temescal are the house-made focaccia, and the well-balanced stack of ingredients: a customizable combination of proteins, cheeses, tomato, lettuce, mayo, mustard, and oil and vinegar. And then there’s the size: the bread is square cut and thick. Get one (especially the prosciutto), along with a slice of tiramisu—or any of the other cakes, cookies, and eclairs that call out to you—and know that you’ll be back to this small spot with the mango sherbet-colored walls.