This Thai barbecue place is one of the Richmond’s best spots for a Fun Group Dinner. So get pumped to eat enough meat to fill a school bus, and with more people than a basketball lineup. The perpetually hazy dining room is a hodge podge of groups flipping sizzling pork belly, pork shoulder, and rib-eye over a sloped charcoal grill. Like a waterfall, meaty juices drip into the moat of soup to add salty, umami flavor (it gets more concentrated as the broth boils down throughout the night). Slurp it back alongside a Singha or two as you watch music videos play overhead—and try not to set off the smoke alarm (which does happen on occasion). Muukata6395 does a pretty good hot pot, too, and Thai staples like rice plates and a saucy papaya salad. But you’re here for the barbecue—and to play table Tetris with gigantic platters of ready-to-grill meat and seafood. 

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