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R&G Lounge

$$$$(415) 982-7877
Hours:WEDNESDAY11:30AM to 9:30PM

This three-story Cantonese seafood restaurant on the edge of Chinatown near the Financial District has been around for decades. It’s also where we go for steamed Maine lobsters with garlic and onions, and their signature live crab with salt and pepper. The restaurant is usually crowded (expect a wait unless you have a reservation), but the lively atmosphere and round banquet tables make this spot perfect for family reunions and large gatherings with friends – plus, you’ll be able to try more dishes, like shrimp with scrambled eggs (always beautifully soft and velvety) and steamed fresh rock cod or sea bass (tender and light). Definitely don’t forget to order a round of lychee martinis, which are refreshing and mildly sweet – they pair well with all the seafood you’ll be eating. Keep in mind that there’s always a crowd here, so be prepared for a wait, or make a reservation.

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