Katsuo + Kombu

There’s a new quick, counter-service spot in NoPa filling our never-ending desire for big, hearty, and rich dashi-based soup. Katsuo + Kombu’s Fukuoka-style udon is made from scratch, and the noodles are slightly thinner than the chewier ones you’ll find at the city's other udon counters. The broth is always umami-packed, so you’ll devour a bowl faster than your favorite artist's new album. There are both hot and cold options, perfect for the range of weather the city throws at us. The finely chopped Kurobata pork and eggplant are a savory complement to the chewy tan tan dry noodles underneath, and the fukuoka signature bowl includes some of the best tempura around. You could come here with a friend, but you'll probably be too busy slurping—so maybe just show up alone and enjoy your silent soup bliss.

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