Those who love spice and heat will feel right at home at Henry’s Hunan. Dishes here are gān là, or “dry and spicy” (unlike Sichuan cuisine, in which Sichuan peppercorns afford some mild numbing). After you’ve had the excellent smoked ham sautéed alongside bamboo shoots, or the twice-cooked pork with cabbage and spicy bean sauce, you’ll probably want to cool down your mouth with refreshing greens, so get the chicken salad with peanut dressing, or the “Diana’s Special” (deep-fried dough sandwiching a bed of meat sauce, parmesan cheese, and lettuce) – a must-try, if it’s your first visit. If you’re bringing your family or a group of friends, dine in one of the comfy booths – and if you’re waiting for a table, head to the dimly-lit full bar next door (the two joints are connected) for a pre-dinner drink.

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