Golden Gate Bakery

There’s always a line at Golden Gate Bakery, but the egg custard tarts, with their flaky, buttery crusts and creamy yet jiggly fillings, are well worth the wait. (In my experience, it’s best to arrive just before they open, or the hour before they close - but I like checking Google Maps to get an idea of how crowded it is.) Their other pastry selections are also excellent - especially the mooncakes, which come in a variety of flavors including white lotus seed, winter melon, and mixed nuts with ham. Keep in mind that the hours at this Chinatown bakery can be unpredictable - it can sometimes close without notice for days or even weeks at a time. In an attempt to help confused egg tart lovers, a mystery good Samaritan built Is Golden Gate Bakery Open Today, a website complete with its own Twitter handle - though both aren’t always updated regularly either.

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