Despite existing on the busy 16th and Valencia corridor, it’s easy to miss Freekeh. And you’re likely en route to one of the many other great restaurants in the Mission, anyway. But this roomy Mediterranean spot is worth stopping by, especially if you wind up with a big group last minute—so run to the hidden back patio or relax and people watch out front. The food here is overall solid, and the house sampler is what you want. It’s full of creamy hummus, baba ghanouj, falafel, thick muhammara, and tabbouleh. The rest of the menu runs the gambit, from hot Mediterranean tapas and salads to skewers and rolled bites. Stick to the skewers like the flavorful shish kufta (the chicken runs dry across the board), order the jibneh hallumi to start, and congratulate yourself for pulling off that last-minute group meal with great success.