Flour + Water

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Flour + Water is everyone’s favorite restaurant (unless it’s Nopa). We’re not going to deny its awesomeness.

The pasta is among the most delicious and inventive we’ve ever tasted. It’s pretty rare to be introduced to brand new shapes and fillings (scarpinocc? fattisu?), but it seems to happen every time we visit. And somehow these crazy combos are always delicious.

If you haven’t stood in line at 4:45 p.m. among the true believers for the pasta tasting, you haven’t really experienced San Francisco eats.

So where’s the 10.0? Or, at least, the 9.4? The problem is the pizza. It’s a major focus of the menu, and it’s just not that great. We’ve tried a bunch—margherita, salsiccia, even the semi-secret-seasonal “osso” bone marrow pie. They are okay. And we can’t give ridiculous scores out like candy here, kids. Grade deflation is in effect.

We still love Flour and Water. (F*ck the plus sign). We bet you do too. If you’ve got the pasta sweats, there are few better options west of the Mississippi. This is an SF classic worth traveling for.

Food Rundown

Autumn Squash Salad with Lardo, Brussels Sprout Leaves & Pistachio

This was a fantastic little fall salad. And there's nothing we like better than making vegetables unhealthy. Thanks, lardo.

Chicory Salad with Cured Duck, Apple, Celery Root & Pecorino

A really unique salad, especially with the presence of celery root and little bits of duck. We loved it.

Robiolo Scarpinocc with Porcini

We had never heard of scarpinocc pasta before this, and will assume you haven't either. They almost look like little stuffed bowties. This might have been our favorite pasta of the night. The robiolo cheese and mushroom filling was incredible.

Rabbit Raviolini with Apple Chestnut & Sage

A delicious rabbit stuffed ravioli. It feels like a a kid's bedtime story stuffed inside pasta, and it tastes awesome.

Mortadella Fattisu with Pistachio

Again, no idea what fattisu was before this, but it's another small stuffed noodle. We loved this one too. The mortadella melts in your mouth, and the crunchy pistachios rule.

Cavatelli with Goat Sausage, Cauliflower, Spigarello & Chili

At this point, Flour + Water was batting 1.000. The goat sausage in this pasta was incredibly flavorful, and the dish as a whole packed a spicy punch.

Cocoa Tajarin with Brown Butter Braised Giblets & Butternut Squash

We respect the attempt here, but chocolate pasta with meat and squash was not the best thing ever. This was the only thing from our pasta tasting that went unfinished.

Margherita pizza

It’s not in the top ten margheritas in the Bay Area. It is in the top 20. Good enough?

Osso pizza

Many months ago, we barreled up from the Peninsula like wild animals hooked on the scent of bone marrow for this pie. Averaging 87 mph on 101 was a small risk to take in pursuit of the ultimate carnivorous satisfaction—or so we thought. It was fine, but we were hoping for a revelation. We had some pasta as consolation and that was a LOT more than fine. The classic F+W dilemma, personified.

Olive Oil Cake

We're big on olive oil cake, and have to say that while we loved this and the use of thyme and apple, it's not the best we've ever had.

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