If you want to feel like you’re at a rich friend’s house getting a meal served by a private chef, head to Dalida. Dinner at this Mediterranean place in the Presidio is an escape from the city—this spot is beautiful in a Restoration Hardware sort of way. There are bulbous lights, a smattering of plants, and natural light flooding in through the bay windows during the day. That being said, the light, bright, seasonal takes on Mediterranean food is the main attraction, and just what you want for this fantasy escape (sadly, no actual private chef is included). Look to the seafood-forward California tahdig featuring Santa Barbara uni, the fall-apart ibérico pork souvlaki that seems like it was slow-cooked for years, and thick lamb chops surrounded by extra creamy hummus. Whatever you do, don’t skip on their modern take on a baklava, stuffed with cloud-like pistachio.

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