Rye’s & Grind

Rye’s & Grind calls itself a modern delicatessen, which in our eyes just means somewhere you can devour a pastrami while Rihanna bumps in the background. Their plates are the size of “just in case you don’t eat the rest of the day,” whether you’re taking your pastrami in a hash with bell peppers and a side of red or green salsa, or layered into the Pastrami Pusher sandwich with slaw and swiss cheese.

If starting your morning with a pile of cured meat isn’t on your vision board (but breakfast booze is), get the Drunken Arctic Monkey drink, an espresso cocktail laced with peanut butter whiskey and coconut cream, while a breeze wafts through their large, roll-up windows. On your way out, grab an everything bagel for later.

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