Current Fish & Oyster

Current is the place in SLC to eat seafood—whether it’s East and West Coast oysters or shrimp and grits, you’ll find various regional cuisines and cultures on the menu. They do a great, simple chilled seafood platter that’s made up of freshly shucked oysters on the half shell, jumbo shrimp, Dungeness crab, and Maine lobster tail.

Dishes pair great with flights of Utah-made sake, affordable wines by the glass, and cocktails like the Ready Aim Fire, a medley of mezcal, pineapple, lime, honey, and tabasco. They have a really great private upstairs dining area that can seat 20 people, so it’s perfect for you and your 18 cousins (it is Utah, after all). Get there early and have a cocktail at Under Current, the restaurant’s adjacent 21-and-up bar where they specialize in tropical and amaro-forward drinks.

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