Mariscos La Tia II

When you drive up to Mariscos La Tia II, which is off the main highway 10 minutes outside of downtown PV, you’ll see a bunch of roosters and chickens wandering around on the dirt road. Eventually, you’ll get to the open, two-level house with colorful wooden tables, chairs, and friendly staff.

Start by ordering a cold beer or agua fresca, some ceviche tostadas, and the Salta Pa Tras, a shrimp soup with smokey marlin that’s seasoned with butter, garlic, and some secret, magic blend of spices. Don't skip the La Quematida Combinada, which takes a bunch of sauteed seafood in that same buttery, garlicky mix and puts it over a “tortilla” made of gouda. The mix of crunchy cheese and buttery seafood is insanely good, and should probably be illegal.

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