El Barracuda

A meal at El Barracuda is a whole-day lunch expedition. This spot sits on an open terrace above the Careyeros beach just outside of the Bay of Banderas, and it feels like a cross between a restaurant and a beach club. When you get there, order some aguas frescas or a cold beer before taking a quick pre-lunch dip in the ocean—this is something you very much can and should do at Barracuda. 

When you come back from floating in the ocean, get some shrimp al pastor tacos, Peruvian-style ceviche, and oysters to round out your lunch. After you feel like you’ve eaten the whole cast of The Little Mermaid, get yourself a shaken carajillo, which combines a shot of espresso with Licor 43, and some flan for dessert. Just know they’re cash only.

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