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Barrio Café Gran Reserva

Mexican in Downtown

    Perfect for
  • Fine Dining
  • Quiet Meals
  • Vegetarians

Trying to convince someone in Phoenix that your favorite Mexican restaurant is better than theirs is like trying to convince another dog owner that yours is cuter. But we’re big on bold statements so we’ll tell you that the best Mexican food is at Barrio Café Gran Reserva, on the outskirts of Downtown. They serve food from different regions of Mexico, setting it apart from the Sonoran-style of Mexican food you’ll find all over the city. Barrio Café Gran Reserva is well-known for its mole (it’s even used in a few of the cocktails), so be sure to center your order around trying multiple types. If no one in your group volunteers as team orderer, try the $50 six-course tasting menu for dinner.

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