You like Fork. Your boss likes Fork. Your neighbor that you’ve never spoken to, but always wave at when you see him outside walking his dog loves Fork. It’s a people pleaser, and it’s a great place to go with a big group for a birthday or any other reason that you and your friends get together these days. The space in Old City has white tablecloths and definitely feels upscale, but you won’t feel like you’re at a stuffy steakhouse or a 200-year-old country club with a room that only male members are allowed in to smoke cigars. Fork has a diverse seasonal menu that includes things like squash and apple soup to a big steak for two, and it’s all excellent.

Food Rundown

Scallop Crudo

This is one of the most colorful dishes here. It has white chunks of scallops that are floating in a sweet blood orange sauce and come with bright orange caviar on top. It’s definitely one of those dishes that you’ll race to take photos of just to have proof you ate something this pretty.


Every spoonful of this creamy mix is full of subtly sweet mascarpone, tangy pickled plum, and buttery polenta that we can’t get enough of.

Striped Bass

Topped with citrusy kumquat slices and hen of the woods mushrooms, this is a dish that’s both earthy and tangy—especially with the cloud-like almond lemon puree. The fish is juicy and light with a perfect amount of smokiness, and the blend of flavors makes it actually live up to being the most expensive thing on the menu ($36).

Date Cake

This soft, lemony, and spongey cake has bits of dates and pickled apples all mixed into it. It’s also topped with a caramel sauce with a flicker of coffee that works.

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