For those who took Spanish or failed French, “maison” translates to “house,” which explains the name of this restaurant located inside an actual two-story residence off a side street in the 11th arrondissement. The action takes place upstairs, under a wooden gable and inside the open kitchen, where the chef (known for previously putting Clown Bar on the map back in 2017) can be seen topping rose-colored beef with bitter purslane or just-barely-roasted veggies with slices of lemongrass and daikon radish - real “How did he think of that?” type flavor pairings. Overall, if you’re looking for one booking worth splurging on, it should be Maison. At €95 for dinner (or €55 lunch), this definitely tops the higher end of our favorite spots, but it practically feels like a bargain compared to more traditional and famed white-tablecloth restaurants around Paris.