If you want to know where everyone in Paris is eating this summer, it’s down an unmarked, uneven cobblestoned alley in the 20th Arr. at Amagat, which means “hidden” in Catalan. Take a left at the end towards the ivy-covered wall and follow the rumba music blaring from the speakers to settle in. Order your tapas by checking off a printed-out menu of items and handing it to your server. They may all come in succession, one after another, leaving little room on the marble countertop for your napkin, let alone your phone, but there’s no rush. Pour a glass from your pitcher of strawberry-rhubarb-cherry sangria and stay a while - the sommelier (who otherwise serves only Catalan wines) will take care of you. All the dishes are tasty, but the lamb chops with roasted cherry tomatoes and the ham croquettes are standouts. Overall, it’s a fun scene, and if you’re like us, you’ll just want to continue eating and drinking to avoid leaving.

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