Flor De Mayo Washington Heights

A large Chino Latino spot in Washington Heights, Flor de Mayo has flat screen televisions playing old Ed Sheeran songs, and an affinity for string lights. This third outpost of the classic UWS restaurant could be the answer to your uptown group dinner woes, with pitchers of beer, combo platters, and impeccably seasoned meats, like pollo a la brasa and green pepper steak. One time we told our server how much we enjoyed our meal, and she replied, “I know. I really like the food here too.” When an order of fried rice, or a heaping plate of lomo saltado that’s tangier than a bag of salt and vinegar chips lands on your table, you’ll understand. And when Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body” comes on, you might even feel compelled to get out of your seat.

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photo credit: Willa Moore

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