Bo Ky Restaurant 波記潮州小食

You’ll find some of the best soups in Chinatown at this 1980s-era restaurant, which specializes in the regional cuisine of Teochew. We’ve never had a hard time walking in and getting a table here, which makes this place ideal for last-minute dinners and impromptu solo dining. All of the soups are under $10, and you have your choice of flat noodles or thin egg noodles. (Most of the soup options can also be ordered over rice, if that’s your thing.) We especially love the curry chicken noodle soup and special beef noodle soup that comes with a clear broth and a pile of fresh herbs. This is also an excellent spot for Teochew-style fish dumplings, which are made from pounded cod paste and stuffed with a combination of seasoned pork and seafood. If you come with a group, it’s worth ordering a few shareable dishes, too, like the country style duck and mustard green vegetables.

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photo credit: David A. Lee

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