Alix Earle Says New Jersey Bagels Are Better Than NYC Bagels

And other extremely New Jersey restaurant picks in Monmouth County.
influencer and podcast host Alix Earle, with blonde hair and a gray top and skirt

photo credit: Nicolas Gerardin

Influencer Alix Earle made her name as a Miami college student whose Get Ready With Me videos took over a lot of people’s TikTok feeds. But really, she’s a Jersey girl at heart. And like any born and bred Jerseyan, she wears her home state pride on her sleeve, with a handful of places to eat in her Monmouth County rotation, and strong feelings on both bagels and pork roll. So between recording episodes of her podcast Hot Mess and a bunch of other projects always on her plate, Earle gave us the rundown on the bagel shop she claims is better than any in NYC, the chicken caesar wraps she never skips, and the only restaurant where she’ll order a steak.

the inside of a coffee shop, with a wood-paneled floor, a fridge with drinks, and a counter where coffee is served

Rook Coffee

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"This is my favorite coffee, hands down—there really is nothing else that compares. Whenever I’m back home, I find myself at Rook almost every morning. One of my favorite things to do is to grab a coffee with my friends and then drive around and catch up to debrief about whatever is going on in our lives. My standard order is their New Orleans cold brew with almond milk and agave. Adding just a little bit of agave doesn't make it too sweet but still adds a little something that it needs."

The Butcher's Block


"Butcher’s Block is one of those special places where as the night goes on, the place turns into a party. It really is the best of both worlds! On the weekends, they have a DJ. It's not just a restaurant—it's a social scene as well. You’re always gonna run into someone you know. The waiter will take you to the fridge to show you all of their meat selections that day and recommend a few, but the best thing on the menu is their tomahawk steak. I don’t love to have steak unless its from The Butcher’s Block. And I always get a tequila soda to go with my dinner. It's just simple and refreshing."

"Trust me: nothing beats their grandma style or buffalo chicken pies. You can always rely on Sea Bright to make something that hits the spot every time. Their crust isn't super thin but it's also not super thick. It's right in the middle and cooked to perfection. We usually take it to go and it holds up very well. In fact, my friends from New Jersey actually shipped me one to Miami and it was perfect."

"I might get a lot of heat for this, but New Jersey has the best bagels, and you cannot convince me otherwise. I always tell my friends who visit me at home that Jersey is not complete without a good bagel, and then I take them to Baron’s. Their bagels never disappoint. They're big and fluffy on the inside with a toasty crunch on the outside. They make my favorite pork roll and cream cheese bagel. I came up with that combo one day when I couldn't decide if I wanted a pork roll, egg and cheese or a cream cheese bagel, so I got both. I kept taking a bite out of each, but then I realized I could just combine them."

"Monmouth County is known for its beautiful beaches and the 'Hawaii Five-0' wrap from Fins is the perfect meal to bring for your lunch on a beach day. It is the most perfectly crispy chicken caesar salad wrap. I could never get sick of it."

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