Sergio’s feels disjointed—like the plot to the 2003 romantic comedy Gigli. The Coral Way Cuban spot has gastropub lighting, plays classical music, and, for some reason, has a low-calorie section of the menu called “La Flaca” with keto chicken ropa vieja-stuffed bell peppers. What once was a solid Cuban restaurant is now, sadly, a trend-chaser. The food is hit or miss too. The vaca frita is seasoned well, but it’s dense and dry. The croquetas are great though. And so is their seared half chicken—not our typical Cuban restaurant order, but we can’t deny it’s juicy and delicious. We’re as confused about Sergio’s as it is about its identity. But like how Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez walked away with something good from Gigli (money), you can do the same with Sergio’s (a very good elena ruz).

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