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La Michoacana

Mexican in Little Havana

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Contrary to what the neighborhood’s name implies, Little Havana is also one of the best places to get Mexican food in Miami, and options extend beyond taquerias. La Michoacana offers some of the best paletas in town. And we’re not talking about the ones stuffed with Nutella and bruleed with a miniature flame-thrower. La Michoacana serves up traditional Mexican-style popsicles in water-based (lighter) and milk-based (richer) options—and La Michoacana has a lot of options. The elote paleta—a popsicle made with milk and sweet corn—will make you rethink corn as being a savory-only thing. The tuna paleta made with water and cactus pear (tuna in Spanish) has a mild and fresh flavor that’s perfect on a hot day. The paleteria is located in a sort of Mexican variety store where you can pick up some basic ingredients as well as a limited selection of tacos and tortas. There are a few tables inside where you can enjoy your paletas, but there’s something satisfying about licking up a popsicle outside under the sun.

La Michoacana Paleteria review image