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Coral Gables

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Almost every time we eat at this Graziano’s, we overhear confused calls with loved ones on the other line who accidentally went to Graziano’s Market a few blocks away. Don’t do that. This is the Graziano’s to visit for the proper Argentinian steakhouse experience, and you’ll know you’re at the right one if you see the circular charcoal grill filled with chicken, lamb, and steaks. They’ve got bistecca alla fiorentina, spinalis steaks, and tomahawks—plus ribeyes, sirloins, short ribs, and skirt steaks (our favorite).  The meal always starts with bread and chimichurri, which you should save for your steak. Plus, the by-the-glass selection here is actually by-the-quartino, which means that you’re getting a quarter of a bottle of wine for around $14-$18. For dessert, order pancakes. They’re rolled, filled with dulce de leche, and flambéed tableside with orange liqueur.

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