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El Atlacatl

Salvadoran in Little Havana

    Perfect for
  • Big Groups
  • Classic Establishment
  • Walk-Ins

What Versailles is to Miami’s Cuban community El Atlacatl is to Miami’s Salvadoran community: an icon. El Salvador is famous for pupusas, which many historians believe originated in the country (Honduras disputes the claim), and El Atlacatl serves some of Miami’s best. The pupusas here have impossibly thin crusts of crisp nixtamalized corn masa and rich fillings inside. The loroco and cheese, a meatless option, is stuffed with loroco flower buds that taste like mild asparagus. The meatier chicharrón option features fried pork belly that gets braised in a tangy tomato-based sauce. Besides the great pupusas, the ambiance makes it an ideal locale for a romantic dinner or special occasion family meal. It serves country glam rancher-strikes-it-rich realness with chandeliers, royal blue accent walls, and flat-screen TVs in the hacienda-like space.

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