If you want to get as close as possible to a perfect Trinidadian-style roti in Miami, you need to drive south to Caribbean Delite. This family-run, cash-only restaurant has been in the same location in South Miami for 25 years and has a strong reputation among local Trinidadian ex-pats. Their roti bread has the right balance of being soft and slightly fluffy and has just the right amount of salt. And while all roti bread is unleavened, this place gets enough air into theirs so that it doesn’t feel dense, stiff, or stodgy - it pulls away with some give and is just the right amount of chewy. You can also order all three types of roti bread here: dhal puri (stuffed with finely ground buttery lentils), paratha (flaky, multi-layered, and placed on the side), or chapati (plain). The meat inside is flavorful and you have the option of choosing “pepper” (spicy) or “no pepper” (not spicy). We highly recommend the potato and channa roti, and the curry chicken, which you can choose between “bone-in” or boneless. You can also order a side of tamarind sauce if you want to add a bit more sweetness to the curry.

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5 Great Caribbean-Style Roti Spots In Miami guide image
5 Great Caribbean-Style Roti Spots In Miami

There are a lot of great places to get roti in Miami, but these are five of our favorites.