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It’s always an odd feeling driving past an old apartment you used to live in. Especially one you loved. You always wonder how it’s doing and if it’s changed. Are the new tenants treating it well? Does it still remember all the crazy times? After all, it was the only one there when you brought back that iffy person from Saddle Ranch on a weeknight or when you ate shrooms out of a peanut butter sandwich and called your old college professor to talk about the last season of The Sopranos.

Zankou is Los Angeles’s old apartment that everybody loved. And still loves. Are there better Mediterranean places? Of course. Do we care? No.

With over eight locations around town, Zankou is a bonafide SoCal mini-chain and we couldn’t be happier for it. The old location on Sunset in East Hollywood still exists, but a few years ago, Hollywood got a squeaky clean location right off The Strip that it desperately needed. Zankou is quick, cheap, sorta healthy, and very satisfying. Regardless of where you fall on the sobriety scale when entering, you’re gonna find a shawarma wrap that hits the spot every time. Also, order a side of hummus and get handed an entire loaf of pita bread that will get you through the next work week.

And that’s just the thing about Zankou. It’s always there for you right when you need it. An easy lunch with co-workers, a late night snack by yourself, or a Tinder date with an easy out. That was a joke but honestly, taking a Tinder date to Zankou is a total power move in our books and by doing so, you’ve earned your own holiday.

Zankou will always have a much-needed spot in our city’s ever-increasing bougie landscape. So, just keep doing you Zankou and let no one tell you different. Until next time old friend.

Food Rundown

Zankou Chicken image

Chicken Tarna

As with almost everything at Zankou, you can either get this in a wrap or as a plate. The wrap is good for a midday situation, but the plate is where you can really sit down and let yourself go. Either way, you’re still getting the same great chicken that’s been twirling on skewers all day just for you.

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Tri-Tip Shawarma

Even though chicken is king at Zankou, don’t skip over their tri-tip. USDA choice cut (or something like that), this is melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Zankou Chicken image

Whole Chicken

A whole chicken? Really? Yes, really. For $10.50 you get a fantastic rotisserie chicken, pita bread, and all the sauces in the world. The chicken will last you for a few days, making it one of the economically sound choices for stoners in town.

Zankou Chicken image


There are entire restaurants dedicated to the falafel in this town that do it much better than Zankou. But is it still good? Yes. And you should order them anyways.

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