Tropicana Bakery isn’t the Madrazo family’s first culinary venture, having previously run a chain of Eastside chicken restaurants called Los Pollos back in the 90s. You can still find plenty of pollo on the lunch menu, but we come here for the baked goods and strong Cuban coffee. Besides creamy cortaditos and dark roast espresso to power you through the morning, try the Cuban iced coffee - the lovechild between an iced latte and a frappe. Cuban espresso gets whipped with sugar until it gets all frothy, before getting poured over ice and your choice of milk to create a creamy drink as everything gets swirled together. Tropicana also has plenty of ways to enjoy delicious guava treats, like their guava cheese pastelitos. These flakey pocket pies are filled with sweet guava jelly and cream cheese, and are usually the first thing we gravitate towards. Grab a coffee and a few pastries and not even gridlock traffic will stop you from having a perfectly average day at worst.

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