The Original Hoy-Ka Hollywood

We love Hoy-Ka not only for their excellent food, but for having a fun space right in Hollywood that’s great for everything from a team lunch to a midweek hang with friends. The wood-covered interior feels kind of like a tavern, and with plenty of TVs playing sports, you won’t have any trouble finding a reason to drink here. The crispy pork ka prao, with its chili and basil-topped tower of white rice, definitely needs to hit the table.

Food Rundown

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Pad Ka Prao

This simple dish is a balancing act between sweet, spicy, and savory flavors. Your choice of meat is stir-fried with holy basil, slivers of green beans, and red bell peppers, before getting topped off with a fried egg. We’d go with the ground pork or the fried chunks of crispy pork.

The Original Hoy-Ka Hollywood review image

Pad See Ew

It’s not difficult to find a good pad see ew around Hollywood, but Hoy-Ka’s spongy, perfectly-stir fried noodles make it a great one.

The Original Hoy-Ka Hollywood review image

Sneaky Pork

When this dish lands in front of you, you might think you’re in for a fairly straightforward plate of sliced pork and Chinese broccoli. That is until you taste it. The pork gets marinated in lime juice and fish sauce before being grilled and then topped off with minced garlic, and the result is both refreshing and decadent.

The Original Hoy-Ka Hollywood review image

Hoy Ka Noodles

Hoy-Ka’s signature soup is an herbaceous chicken broth with fish balls and your choice of either pork or chicken. Order it medium spicy with thin rice noodles, and we guarantee it’ll make whatever is annoying you most this week quickly fade into the background.

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