Thanks Pizza

This order-at-the-counter spot in the third-floor food court above California Marketplace isn’t trying to do anything fancy with their pies. While other spots around town are busy perfecting their wood-fired, bubbly-crusted craftsmanship, Thanks’ pizza reminds me of what I devoured as a kid growing up at skate rink birthday parties - affordable, well-built pie with outside-the-box toppings that taste incredible. The garlic chicken pizza is a little spicy with a sweet, pungent kick from the blue cheese, but the mascarpone pizza might be my favorite pizza I’ve eaten all year. Topped with basil pesto, mozzarella, cream cheese, and mascarpone, this pie sent shockwaves of childhood bliss through my body. It’s sweet, tangy, and herbaceous, both nostalgic and novel. Each pizza is available in two sizes, nine inches or 12 inches, and everything on the menu falls under $16.

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