Dtown Pizzeria

Pizza snobs in LA like to throw around the name “Dtown” when talking about Detroit-style pies, and the hype is merited. These sheet pan pies are quite good. For years, Dtown was a popular Weho pop-up. It won a few fancy awards, and then it disappeared. Nowadays, these cheesy pizzas live inside Topanga Social, the food court at the Westfield Topanga Mall. The kiosk ordering system makes the dining experience a bit sterile, but that dullness doesn't translate to the pies. Every marinara-drenched slice has edges of caramelized cheese charred to a crisp and a center that stays soft like a cloud. There are a handful of busy pies with four kinds of meat and things like fennel pollen, but the classic 1946 with oregano and parmesan sprinkle is a reliable favorite. 

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