Sor Tino

Sor Tino is tucked away on Barrington Ave, meaning it’s easy to miss if your orientation of Brentwood starts and ends on San Vicente. But an Italian meal here packs some memorable qualities: a romantic patio with string lights, a must-order grilled polenta appetizer, and nice Italian waiters who compliment your menu choices. Still, dining here is pricey, and the food here generally doesn't make it feel worth it. A $24 Napoli pizza will give you tart marinara with anchovies, but on a flavorless crust that snaps like a stale wafer. We give Sor Tino extra points for its great service and nice atmosphere. We'd also happily sip wine on that charming patio with some antipasti and a pretty-good boar ragu.

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photo credit: Jessie Clapp

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