If anyone told us a few years ago that much of LA’s best pizza could be found inside somebody’s apartment, we’d assume that person was trying to kidnap us. In 2021, it’s simply a way of life now. The next great spot to check out is Secret Pizza. Run by a native New Yorker at his Hollywood apartment, the pies coming out of this pickup-only operation remind us of the kind we’ve eaten at 3am outside of slice shops on the Lower East Side. The thin, massive slices are topped with pepperoni or sausage, and are properly greased to soak up whatever alcohol is left in our stomachs from last call. It’s the kind of simple, but well-executed pizza that’s not easily found in LA - and that’s exactly why it has us so excited. It’s also why time slots sell out within minutes each week via their Instagram page. Which is why you need to follow them ASAP and stalk their stories for a chance to get some of this tremendous pizza.

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