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Scopa Italian Roots

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Scopa Italian Roots

PHOTOS: Benji Dell

If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s spot a great Italian restaurant. And Scopa Italian Roots is just that. With food that could have been served at our grandma’s favorite Italian joint in the Bronx (yes, the owner was away for awhile upstate but look, it was a white collar crime) and a scene that’s one of the best and liveliest on the Westside, Scopa strikes a winning combination.

While most the of Italian places in this neighborhood are generally low key, Scopa is a scene. The bar is littered with hot people, and it’s almost always packed. True to its Italian-American roots, though, Scopa shows off its ties to both New York City and Italy. At brunch, coffee comes in the iconic “Welcome to Serve You” paper cups you’ll find at every deli or street cart in New York City. Their most popular cocktail, The Westside, is served in what appears to be an Italian flag snow cone. The white tiling throughout the restaurant is clearly an homage to the Big Apple’s subway system. Scopa’s Italian-American heritage is as thick as the ten pound ball of provolone our grandma got us for high school graduation (true story), and for that, we love it.

Scopa’s food is some of the most authentic we’ve found in LA. It’s one of those menus you look at and think, “I want everything.” And trust us, you will.

Fantastic food, strong drinks, and zeppole? Well done, Scopa. Grandma would be proud.

Food Rundown


Like all Italians we know, Scopa goes big. Our favorite cocktail is The Westside, which layers ingredients to looks like an Italian flag. It can be found on the special brunch cocktail menu as well as on the fully-loaded dinner drinks menu. They have a pretty great wine list, too.

Crispy Biscuits

We like to refer to these as “breakfast zeppole.” They’re basically biscuits fried, covered in powdered sugar, and served with peaches, prunes, and ricotta. Because ricotta is mandatory for everything.

Crispy Squash Blossoms

What sets these apart from other crispy squash blossoms is that they’re served with a spicy tomato sauce that will light your pants on fire.

Rice Ball

It’s the perfect size for sharing.

Soft Eggs

Perfectly cooked soft boiled eggs with polenta and a kicking Italian sausage. The sausage is just like the kind your drunk uncle Anthony made (while wearing only an undershirt and sweating) for Sunday dinner growing up.


A version of cacio e pepe, a traditional Roman dish, that is surprisingly hard to find and equally as hard to perfect, even with its simple ingredients. We will be coming back and ordering this ASAP.

Creste Rigate

We convinced ourselves that the mushrooms and asparagus made it healthy.


We dare to say these are better than the zeppole we had at the traveling “Carnival Italiano” as a kid. We’re also happy to report that Scopa doesn’t have the same creepy “snake trailer” that the carnival did.

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