Ricky's Fish Tacos

There are plenty of places to eat a fish taco in this town, and the many people who sell them are often looking to find a way to stand out amongst an already extremely crowded scene. That usually means various aiolis, dressings, and other strange accessories end up on top of your taco. Not to say those can’t be beneficial - we’re always down to put some version of mayonnaise on pretty much everything we eat. But at Ricky’s Fish Tacos, you will find no such thing.

To take a bite into a taco from Ricky’s is to experience the “baja style” in its truest form. No add-ons, no cover-ups, no taco bling. Just a fresh tortilla and some spicy pico de gallo sitting atop a few fresh pieces of fish. Now, lets make one thing clear here - there might not be any sauce on top, but you also won’t be earning any Weight Watchers points for eating at Ricky’s. The fish here is deep fried, but done so by the hand of god - light and airy but still featuring tremendous fresh fish texture. And therein lies the Ricky’s Fish Taco difference.

Ricky’s caters to all of the Eastside’s coolest people, including freshly audited Scientologists and a sizable lunch crowd. They recently moved to a spot on Riverside Drive, but it also seems like they’re roaming around a little too, so pay attention and check Twitter to make sure they’re open. But once you roll up to this roadside taco truck, you’ll understand what the hype is all about - fresh fish without help from anything else.

Oh, except God.

Food Rundown

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Fish Taco

One of the most celebrated fish tacos in the city and for good reason. Large, glorious chunks of fresh fish caked in that famous buttery batter. We’re hard pressed to find anyone else who can do it better than Ricky.

Shrimp Taco

Making up the other half of the menu, the shrimp taco certainly doesnt get the public love and attention than its big fish brother does, but its still absolutely worth ordering. If you thought the fish portions were robust, wait till you see the size of these big guys. Glory Be.

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