Nua is an Israeli spot inside Beverly Hills’ Crescent Hotel that is very, well, Beverly Hills. But sometimes, a little extra flair is exactly what we’re looking for, and Nua’s food matches the setting. We love their gorgeous charred eggplant that’s roasted, peeled, and butterflied before getting topped with nutty tahini, oil, date syrup, and tangy tomato salsa. Their brunchtime shakshuka might not be as avant-garde as the dissected eggplant dish, but its bright red, slow-cooked tomato sauce is good enough for us. There’s a hint of heat but the garlic really shines through and we’re here for it. Besides the eggs also being perfectly cooked, we’re really big fans of the Jerusalem bagel–its sesame-coated crust and great chewiness make it ideal for dipping into runny yolks.

Food Rundown


The tomato sauce in this bubbling shakshuka is garlicky, a little tart, a bit spicy, and just the right texture to handle the poached eggs without looking like a can of tomato soup. The runny yolks are just a bonus that we love soaking up, especially with a chewy Jerusalem bagel.

Jerusalem Bagel

This ovular sesame bagel is chewy and perfect for tearing or dunking into shakshuka, hummus, or literally any other dippable dish on the menu. The labneh that comes with it is tangy and creamy, creating a delicious pairing that’s caused us to zone out at the table mid-story before.

Charred Eggplant

Besides being largely unrecognizable at first sight, this splayed eggplant is a must-try at Nua. But the toppings on this dish are what take it to a whole other level. The silky eggplant gets topped with tahini, date syrup, spring onion, and tomato salsa to create the perfect nutty/sweet/garlicky/crunchy bite.

Hummus Masabacha

There’s hummus, and then there’s this creamy, lemony spread that’s listed as a “shareable” on the menu, but we challenge that notion. The rich hummus is peppery and mildly smokey from a healthy drizzle of olive and a dash of cumin on top. The chickpea and parsley salad, plus the sliced hard-boiled egg, bring a lot of texture to this already delicious dip.

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