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We all had that one house. The house you went to when you skipped school, the house where the parents had given up and just let the kids take over the basement, and the house where you kissed someone who wasn’t related to you for the first time. It’s the site of your greatest teenage memories. It’s the party house.

You might not be in high school anymore, but you still have access to a pretty great party house - Night + Market. It opened in 2011 when the chef took over half of his parents’ fancy Sunset Blvd. Thai restaurant and filled it with bright blue and orange walls, posters of Yoko Ono and Thai pop stars, neon signage, and a menu of Northern Thai dishes like khao soi and isaan sour sausage. They’ve since doubled their space in this location and added two more (Song and Sahm), but Night + Market still feels like the party restaurant it’s been since the beginning.

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The difference between Night + Market and every other party restaurant is the food - it’s incredible. You might have trouble getting the table to focus on what to order after the 100oz pour-your-own tower of beer comes out, but once the crispy rice salad, panang curry, and pad thai start arriving, they’ll start paying attention. Night + Market no longer serves the blood soup and water bugs they did in the early days, but you will still find plenty of excellent Thai staples like pad thai, larb, and papaya salad, plus specials like crab and cream cheese-filled wontons, and the unofficial dish of the Sunset Strip, the Night + Market fried chicken sandwich.

The kind of night you have here is really up to you. If you like to plan ahead, this is the only Night + Market location that takes reservations. But if you decide on a whim that you need a lot of panang curry tonight, you can walk in, grab some drinks at the bar, and find a corner of the small room to take over while you wait. There’s a long, mostly-natural wine list, with one-liners for each bottle that’ll help you narrow things down. Or, just go ahead and order one of those beer towers. It’s the party house move.

Food Rundown

Pork Satay Skewers

A meal at Night + Market is inevitably going to involve a lot of pork, especially from the snack section. And while the satay might seem like a boring choice next to fried pig tails, you should absolutely get these. These are fantastic.

Peek Gai Hay-Ha

When the menu calls a dish “party wings” you’re going to have to order them. They’re battered, deep fried, salty, saucy, slightly spicy wings, and better than any football-adjacent wing you’ve ever had.

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Night + Market West Hollywood review image

World Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich

Yes, we’re telling you to order a fried chicken sandwich at a Thai restaurant. This is straight-up one of the best in the city. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s hard to share. Better get your own.

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Larb Gai

Larb is basically a spicy meat salad, without many vegetables at all. In other words, it’s an ideal salad. Especially this one with minced chicken, fish sauce, and cilantro.

Nam Khao Tod

We’d come to Night + Market just for the crispy rice salad. A bowl of soured pork, crispy bits of rice, ginger, onion, and peanuts, this dish is legendary for a reason.

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Panang En Neua

All the curries here are fantastic, but we usually go for this steak panang. It’s rich, full of flavor, and makes us feel better about our lives while we’re eating it. You will need an extra side of roti bread.

Night + Market West Hollywood review image

Khao Soi Neua

Our love for khao soi is very well documented, and this is one of our favorites. They have a chicken version, but you should get the beef. It’s meaty and rich and something you won’t find at a lot of other places.

Chicken Pad Thai

If someone at the table wants pad thai, you should know this one is very good. It’s light and not too sweet, and makes every other pad thai you’ve eaten recently feel pretty boring in comparison.

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Night + Market West Hollywood review image

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