Original Cannabis Cafe is permanently closed

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Original Cannabis Cafe

Formerly known as Lowell Cafe (the Northern California-based Lowell Herb Co. recently took their name off the awning, for reasons not entirely clear), the Original Cannabis Cafe is still one of the most talked-about LA restaurant in years - though the shine has worn off some. This is the first cannabis cafe in America, and as such, lines are long and reservations are almost non-existent, but if you’re able to get in, you’ll be treated to an experience that’s, frankly, out-of-body (even before you light your first joint). The space itself looks like any Instagram-worthy Weho spot (green vines hanging from the ceiling, neon sign, string-lit patio), but instead of manic bachelorette parties taking group selfies, expect a laid-back crowd hanging out, chatting with friends, and smoking something from the encyclopedic cannabis menu. Is the food any good? Not really, but if you’re coming here specifically for the mac and cheese bites or vegan banh mi, you’ve missed the point entirely.

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