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Let’s get one thing clear first. Langer’s does not need this review. You do.

Many folks outside of Los Angeles would be surprised to learn how many world class Jewish delis we actually have in our city. Sure, we’ve got the kale and avocado scene on lockdown, but we also know our way around a good pastrami sandwich. And at Langer’s, you simply aren’t just eating the best pastrami in town, you’re possibly eating some of the best pastrami in the world. If anyone believes this seven decades old deli doesn’t belong in the same breath as the Katz’s, Shapiro’s, Zingerman’s and Mile End’s of the world, we encourage you to make the drive to 7th and Alvarado and prove yourself wrong.

But what sets Langer’s even further apart from that elite pack is what exactly you find once you reach 7th and Alvarado. No lines, no tourists, or commercial shtick. Just a deli filled with daily regulars sipping their coffee and reading their newspapers. No one’s on their cell phones taking pictures here. People are engaging with one another. OLD-SCHOOL ALERT: five minutes into your time at Langer’s, you will be fully engrossed in a conversation with a complete stranger. What beauty.

While the entire Langer’s menu is chock-full of Jewish specialties, the most famous order of them all is the #19: the most absolutely perfect cut of pastrami, swiss cheese, and homemade coleslaw sandwiched between two slices of their famous twice-baked rye bread. We’re not the first people to call this the best pastrami sandwich in the world and we certainly won’t be the last, but we’re saying it right now. THIS IS THE BEST PASTRAMI SANDWICH IN THE WORLD. Come at us.

And while you’re at it, come to Langer’s too and experience one of the all-time classic meals this city and country has to offer.

Food Rundown

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Living in a world of hyperbole can be fun, but when it comes to this Queen of the deli, there’s nothing you can’t overstate. The pastrami and rye bread literally fuse together to the point where you can’t even tell which is which. It’s perfect and euphoric and we want another one right now.

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Macaroni Salad

Along with their cole slaw and potato salad, Langer’s deli sides are delicious and not overly complicated. The perfect cool downs to the sandwich behemoths.

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Matzo Ball Soup

One of the better foods on the planet in general, you can imagine that Langer’s version is certainly on point.

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An “insider” sandwich that allows you to get both pastrami and their corned beef on one sandwich. Yes, the pastrami is their star, but the corned beef is a close, close second.

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Plain Pastrami Sandwich

Take all the other incredible bells and whistles off and what do you get? Still the best tasting pastrami on Earth.

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