Thanks to a hot tip from Mike Pak who runs the @koreatown Instagram, we recently checked out this new late-night tofu spot on Vermont Blvd., and loved every aspect of our meal. For starters, there’s parking. Secondly, there’s parking. Third—and most importantly—the food was delicious. The menu isn’t much different than other popular tofu spots in the neighborhood (we’re looking at you, BCD), but the quality is higher. There are 10 or so different stews on the menu, ranging from Korean tripe to ham and sausage, but know that each one comes with the same perfectly soft tofu that hits the spot whether you’re on a solo lunch run or it’s 1:30am and you just stumbled out of Go Pocha next door. The hot stone bibimbap with nicely crisp rice on the bottom should also make it on your table. 

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