Freddy Smalls is permanently closed

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Freddy Smalls

American in West LA

Hours: SATURDAY6:00AM to 2:00AM
    Perfect for
  • Casual Weeknight Dinner
  • Corporate Cards
  • Date Night
  • Dining Solo
  • Eating At The Bar

We all know things in West LA (particularly near the intersection of the 405 and Pico) can get confusing. You never know exactly where to park, every block looks the same, and what do you mean the Liquid Kitty is a bar and not a strip club? Don Antonio’s? Isn’t that where Spencer Pratt used to bring Heidi before they were Speidi? This is bizarre territory.

You pretty much only come here when you’re meeting someone from Weho (and you live by the beach) and they suggest somewhere “in the middle.” You know full well this area is way closer to you (and so do they), but the 405 is right there, so you get away with it.

Now where do you go for said meet-up? That would be Freddy Smalls. While this isn’t the place you bring your parents on a weekend (it gets loud on Friday and Saturday nights), this upscale cocktail bar is the perfect spot for that dinner/drinks you scheduled a month ago with an old colleague/work acquaintance you intended on canceling but never did so now you’re f*cked and have to go. But don’t worry. Freddy Small’s casual nature caters far more to a light bite and drinks situation. Nobody’s getting trapped in a sit-down booth for two hours here.

And unless you (or the annoying acquaintance/colleague you’re meeting) are picky eaters, you’ll find something to eat as well. The menu isn’t large but has everything from big Italian sandwiches to the obvious fried brussel sprouts. And those cocktails? Excellent. So if you’re trying to impress with fancy drinks (who isn’t?), this is your spot.

All in all, Freddy Smalls isn’t a place you go out of your way for, but it’s a good middleground and your special spot to finally start scratching off those lingering business meetings. And there shouldn’t anything confusing about that in this town.

Food Rundown

Chicken Parmesan

Pretty generic chicken parmesan but decent nonetheless.

Slow-Roasted Steak Sandwich

This was our favorite item on the menu. We suggest asking for extra horseradish if you need those sinuses good and cleared.

Brussel Sprouts

If we hear “their brussel sprouts are so amazing” about anywhere again, we’re going to lose it. Yes, these are good, mainly because they’re fried and served with goat cheese. Do they basically taste like every other place in LA that serves brussel sprouts? Yes.

Fried Fingerling Potatoes

Ugh. We actually hated these and didn’t realize it was possible to hate any sort of fried potato. Bland and rock-like. Skip these and get yourself an extra order of the brussels.

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